Sleep Deprived? Second-guessing becoming a mother? Resenting your husband while you get up for the umpteenth time to rock your screaming baby back to sleep? My name is Kaley Medina, Certified Infant & Toddler Sleep Consultant, and I’ve been there!

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In July 2015, my husband and I welcomed our daughter into the world. I had read every baby book I could get my hands on and was ready for my new role as a mother. That was, until I realized I didn’t know anything about how to get my baby to sleep!

The next few months were a blur of sleepless nights and groggy days. I felt like I had lost myself and was falling apart. I was frazzled, unable to concentrate, and tired all the time. Worst of all, I was unable to fully enjoy my time with my daughter and my husband. When my daughter turned 6 months old, I was still getting up at least six times a night to nurse her back to sleep. That’s when I reached my breaking point and sought out help.

A friend recommended the Sleep Sense program. Although the first few nights were not easy, it has been the best decision I made for my entire family. I can only describe this experience as utterly LIFE CHANGING! My daughter was no longer cranky and flourished into a happy and playful little girl because she was finally getting the sleep she needed. As a result, our bond grew exponentially. I became myself again and fell in love with being a mom!

Why I Became an Infant & Toddler Sleep Consultant

Due to the incredible success we had sleep training our daughter, my passion became helping parents teach their little ones how to get more sleep. As a Certified Infant & Toddler Sleep Consultant, I’ve undergone a comprehensive training and a mentoring program through Sleep Sense. This has given me the very best tools and knowledge available so that I can help teach your little one healthy sleep habits. I’m passionate about sleep and would love the opportunity to help your family!

Since you are looking at my website, chances are that you’ve been thinking about a good night sleep for some time now. I can make your dream a reality! It is possible to get sound sleep with infants, babies, toddlers, and children. Click below to schedule your free 15-minute phone evaluation or learn more about my sleep training packages!

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