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 kelly stegner – Your Clear Lake sleep Consultant

Baby & Toddler Sleep Consultant 

My name is Kelly Stegner, and I am your Houston Sleep Consultant! I live in the Clear Lake area of Houston, TX with my husband, Andrew, and our two-year-old daughter, Heidi. I have a B.S. in Biology from the University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL. In 2014, I was pursuing my M.D. at the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL when life got in the way, as it so often does. I became engaged to my husband, who then received and excellent job offer in Houston. So, I put my career on hold to move to Texas and begin our family!

My Sleep Training Journey

I was fortunate to be able to stay home with Heidi when she was born. We read up on infant sleep while I was pregnant and thought we were totally prepared. She slept well as a newborn. We patted ourselves on the back for acing this newborn sleep thing.

Then, at four months old, she stopped napping. At all. For weeks, I thought I was losing my mind as I tried everything I could possibly think of to get my baby to nap. We were all so miserable and desperately craving sleep that everything we had read went out the window.

As a result, we came up with an ever-more-complicated “routine” to get Heidi to sleep. First, we would pace her room, bouncing and humming to her for up to an hour until she was fully asleep. Next, we would try to transfer her to her crib. Most of the time she would wake up and we would have to start over. But we were just thrilled she napped at all! We carried on in this manner until she got sick around a year old. That was when Heidi’s sleep just completely fell apart. My husband and I were out of ideas and decided it was time to find some sleep help. After searching Google, we found Kaley and gave her a call. Even as we went through our consultation with her, we thought “yeah right, this will never work for OUR child!”

How Sleep Training Changed Our Lives

But life had completely changed within a week! Heidi was putting herself to sleep and naps were getting longer and more reliable. As a result, I was totally sold on sleep training. Andrew and I able to function better. But most importantly, my daughter was so much happier and engaged throughout the day! Even now, when we go through rough patches of sleep after vacation or sickness, we stop everything else we’re working on and first focus on getting sleep back in order. Because everything else in life becomes easier when we are all getting the good quality sleep we need!

Your Clear Lake Sleep Consultant

I always knew I would use my background in biology again someday, so when Kaley reached out about joining her team, I jumped at the opportunity. I am so excited to help you get your little one sleeping better, because I know from experience how life changing it can be! Email me at or schedule your free 15-minute Discovery Call with me now! Thank you for choosing me as your Clear Lake Sleep Consultant!

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