Baby Sleep training in Houston, Tx

sleep consultants Providing gentle sleep training methods

Offering In-Home and Virtual Support


Baby Sleep training in Houston, Tx

sleep consultants providing gentle sleep training methods

Offering In-Home and Virtual Support

Why we are the BEst sleep consultants in the houston area

  • We provide the most personalized and comprehensive support in the Houston area
  • We’ve helped hundreds of Houston families sleep well
  • A 100% success rate with parents who stick with the plan and stay consistent
  • Certified toddler & baby sleep coaches
  • Highly rated on Google

Katie G, Mom of a 7-Month-Old Baby

“Kaley gave my husband and me back our sleep AND our sanity! I knew after months of waking up anywhere from 3-10 times a night with our daughter in our room (and sometimes in our bed), something needed to change. Our daughter is now able to put herself to sleep and sleep through the night! Thank you so much Kaley for reminding us how important sleep is and for helping us get our nights and bed back!

-Houston, TX

Jennifer R, Mom of a 2-Month-Old

“After 2 ½ years of bad sleep, I contacted Kaley feeling sure she would tell us “all hope for sleep was lost.” Instead, she reassurance me that sleep was possible. She gave us a step by step sleep plan, called us every 3 days for support and encouragement, and sure enough after one 1 week, my son was sleeping in his bed and going to sleep without a fight. He is now sleeping through the night in his bed. I never thought this day would come and I am so grateful. I was asked if hiring a toddler sleep consultant was worth it – yes. SO YES!

-Dallas, TX

Lori C, Mom of a 7-Week-Old Baby

“Kaley helped my little guy learn how to fall asleep on his own at 7 weeks old! Having a set sleep plan and guidance on what to do made all the difference. Before working with Kaley, falling asleep at night and for naps was a struggle for both mommy and daddy and baby! Now everyone knows exactly what to expect and things are so much less stressful!

– Houston, TX

Jill R, Mom of a 15-Month-Old Baby

“Kaley helped us sleep train our son in a gentle way that was effective for us and him. We were happy that we could accomplish this without having him Cry It Out! My husband and I trusted Kaley 100% and it was the best decision we have ever made for him (and us!). We will be using the program for our 2nd child.”

-Houston, TX

Shannon C, Mom of a 5-Month-Old Baby

Kaley came to our house for a baby sleep consultation and helped us come up with a workable plan to get our daughter sleeping better AND INDEPENDENTLY at night and for naps. We saw results quickly and it felt great to have a sleep plan. It was worth every penny; my only regret is that we didn’t seek out help sooner. Thank you, Kaley!

-Houston, TX

Karen V, Mom of a 7-Month-Old Baby

Our experience with Kaley has been amazing! Our baby was waking up crying every 3 hours (or less) and would only calm down and go back to sleep after being nursed. My husband and I were exhausted and in desperate need of help. Amazingly we started seeing results after the second day. Our baby is much happier as he is now well rested (and so are we). I highly recommend Kaley. Our only regret was not contacting her sooner!

-Houston, TX

Here’s How We’ll Work Together to Teach Your Baby to Fall in Love with Sleep

  1. A CUSTOMIZED SLEEP PLAN created just for your child based on their unique personality and habits. We also take your parenting style into consideration when creating your child’s sleep plan so that it is fully customized for your family. 
  2. A PERSONAL SLEEP CONSULTATION either over the phone or in your home so that you have everything you need to have success with the plan and will know exactly how to get your child to sleep. 
  3. UNLIMITED FOLLOW-UP SUPPORT with your baby sleep trainer over the next 2 weeks so that you feel 100% supported as you implement your sleep plan. We’ll be making tweaks and adjustments to the plan if needed to ensure that we’re meeting your sleep goals. 

The investment in our Sleep Training Packages start as low as $498 for babies and what you’ll walk away with is the sleep that your family deserves. Your baby will be falling asleep quickly at bedtime and sleeping all the way through the night in less than 2 weeks! 


Get started by scheduling your FREE 15-minute Discovery Call so we can make sure we’re the perfect for each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Investement?
The investment in a good night’s sleep starts at $498 for our Standard Sleep Training Baby package. You’ll be giving your child the gift of sleep and that is a skill that will stay with them for a lifetime!

The good news is that babies learn incredibly quickly. We will be working together for two weeks to ensure that we meet your sleep goals. Usually the first two to three nights are the hardest. By the fourth and fifth night, we’re typically going to find that your baby is going to be falling asleep rather quickly at bedtime. And then the night wakings will start to go away. Generally, by the end of the first week, night sleep is going really well and going into week two we’ll really be focusing on naps.

You bet! We’ll be talking through your child’s entire 24 hours schedule. Not only will we be fixing nighttime sleep, but we’ll be discussing what your child’s day will look like, the best times for feeds, how to get your little one down for a nap and what to do when your child takes short naps.
We want to make sure that you’re fully equipped for success for years to come. Towards the end of our time together, we’ll be discussing all possible scenarios going forward, such as what to do when you travel, what your child’s sleep needs will look like as they get older, sleep regressions, developmental milestones, daylight savings, etc.
As sleep consultants, what we do is teach you how to interact with your child as they’re on the learning curve. Our methods are very gentle. We will have you providing your child with comfort and reassurance, but there is still going to be crying. Your child is communicating that they’re not happy with the change and we don’t want to stifle that emotion. Your baby shouldn’t be prevented from communicating their frustration. We just want your little one to know that you’re still there and that everything is ok. As sleep consultants, we teach you exactly how to do that without overstimulating your little one or prolonging the process.
Our general recommendation is that once your little one has reached 6 months of age or is at least 15 lbs, then they will be physically capable of sleeping through the night. It’s just a matter of (1) teaching them how and (2) teaching them how to transfer those calories from the nighttime hours to the daytime hours.
Absolutely! If your baby is under 6 months old, then they will likely still need to wake up for a feed. We want to make sure you’re comfortable with the plan and can incorporate one (or more) feeds into your child’s sleep plan.
This is exactly why we have our follow up support. If we’re not seeing the improvement that we’re expecting, we will be making tweaks and adjustments to your sleep plan. It is our job to make any recommendation of change that is needed to ensure this will work for your child.

Certified Sleep Sense Consultant

Sleep Sense offers the most gentle sleep training methods available.  As a baby sleep experts trained through Sleep Sense, we continue our education by attending monthly sleep webinars, sleep conferences and keep up to date on the latest sleep research.

Sleep Plans for Children All Ages

In-Home and Virtual Sleep Training

  • The most personal and customized sleep training support in Houston
  • Nights AND naps fixed no matter which package you go with
  • 2 weeks (or more depending on the package) of daily, unlimited support
  • Personalized sleep plan just for your child
  • We don’t limit our help to just babies. We work with newborns – children 8 years old!


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