Sleep Training Baby Packages (3-21 Month)

We work with amazing parents like you every day. The only problem is you are frustrated and exhausted because you feel like you have tried everything to get your baby sleeping and NOTHING has worked.

You have reached your wits end with the constant rocking, bouncing and feeding baby to sleep!

Together, we can get your baby falling asleep peacefully at bedtime and end the constant wake-ups for good. With our Sleep Training Baby Packages, you’ll be confident your baby is getting the rest he or she needs to be the healthiest, happiest baby and finally enjoy being a parent the way you imagined it to be.

Right now, you are wondering how to get your baby to sleep through the night.

  • You are SO frustrated because your baby is fighting sleep. You have tried everything to get your baby to sleep and nothing has worked
  • You are physically exhausted and emotionally drained, which is making you irritable and moody
  • Your relationship with your husband, friends and family is beginning to suffer
  • You worry your baby isn’t getting enough sleep and you KNOW you’re not
  • You can’t leave the house, because honestly only YOU can get the baby to sleep
  • You need time to take care of yourself but that feels impossible because your days and nights are consumed by trying to get your baby to sleep
  • You just want your baby to sleep, and you have no idea how to get there

Many parents feel like nothing will help their baby sleep. Some have even told me they were sure their baby would not learn to sleep through the night!

Just Imagine…

  • Lying your baby down in the crib and knowing he or she will sleep ALL the way through the night
  • Knowing bedtime will be a fun and enjoyable experience, giving you that special time to bond with your baby each and every night
  • Getting the evenings back to yourself so you can relax and enjoy some time doing what YOU want
  • Getting your bed back so you can finally get some rest
  • The day your baby’s naps are long & predictable so you can actually get things done!
  • A full night sleep so you can enjoy being a mom again and watch that bond between you and your baby flourish!

These are the exact results clients get even though they were sure their baby wouldn’t learn to sleep well! That’s where the Sleep Training Baby Packages can change your life, taking you from frustrated and fatigued to well-rested. You will have the confidence of knowing you baby will sleep through the night Every.Single.Night!

“Kaley is an absolute miracle worker! She came to my rescue and corrected my son’s sleeping issues within 1 week. I was worried about the process, but Kaley is a true professional. I felt like she was there holding my hand all the way to the finish line.”


Mom of a 10 Month Old, Dallas, TX

Your Baby Sleep Trainers are here to Help your Baby Sleep

Now is the time to get your baby’s sleep back!

We specialize in helping tired parents and babies get the sleep they deserve!

As a result of working together, you will…

  • No longer need to rock and nurse your baby to sleep for hours so that you can actually get some things done during the day
  • Have peace of mind knowing that your baby will stay asleep all night long and so will you so that you can finally get the rest you need to be the mom you want to be
  • Say goodbye to non-stop wakings during the night so that you can wake in the morning with energy to keep up with your busy day
  • Learn why your baby is waking so many times each night so that you will know exactly what you need to change to get your baby AND you the rest you need
  • Have proven, step by step strategies to help your baby fall asleep easily and independently at bedtime so that you don’t have to spend hours rocking, nursing, or bouncing your baby to sleep every time


What does your Baby Sleep Package Include?

Sleep Consult
Comprehensive Sleep Evaluation

After our Discovery Call, you will receive a comprehensive questionnaire about your baby’s sleep routine and habits so we will know exactly where changes need to be made.
With this questionnaire your baby sleep trainer will design a customized Sleep Training Baby Plan specifically for your baby’s sleep needs. The Sleep Training Baby Plan will incorporate your parenting style while using gentle sleep training methods.
What this means for you is that you’ll have a straightforward, easy to follow Sleep Training Baby Plan so that you’ll know step by step exactly how to get your baby sleeping.


Our Baby Sleep Training Plans are simple. The clear, easy to follow, step-by-step process walks you through exactly what to do every day and every night.
There is no confusion.
There is no guessing.
You will learn WHY the steps are important, and exactly how to implement them.
Your Sleep Training Baby Plan is as unique as your precious baby, designed according to your child’s personality.
A “sensitive” baby will respond better to one approach, where a more “active” baby will respond to another.
What makes your Sleep Training Baby Plan even more effective is that it addresses your specific struggles you are currently facing.
• What this means for you is no more guessing how to get your baby to sleep.
• What this means for your baby is he or she will receive all the benefits from good quality sleep like brain development, restored energy, and immune system repair.
• What this means for your family is well-rested parents AND a well-rested baby so everyone can enjoy one another.

Personal Sleep Consultation

During this 60-90 minute Sleep Training Baby Consultation, we will discuss your baby’s sleep training plan in detail.
As a result of this Sleep Training Baby Consultation, you will have everything you need to start and create success with your customized Sleep Training Baby Sleep Plan.
This is not a generic sleep plan that you will be left to implement on your own. As your Houston and Dallas Fort Worth baby sleep coaches, we are here for you every step of the way.
• What this means for you is that you will know exactly when to start the Sleep Training Baby Plan and what to expect in the first few days and nights so you will never have to wonder if what you are doing is working.
• What this means for your baby is a consistent sleep training plan specifically designed for his or her age and temperament so your baby will become a great sleeper in the shorter amount of time possible

Complete Follow-Up Support

Your 2-week Sleep Training Baby Packages include unlimited daily communication with your baby sleep consultant through Voxar.
You will also have access to your baby sleep trainer’s private email for daily support.
You are welcome to send a voice message or text through Voxar or email your baby sleep coach anytime with questions that come up as the Sleep Training Baby Plan is in progression.
• What this means for you is that you will finally get some rest and enjoy being a mom the way you imagined it to be.
• What this means for your baby is the best rest and rejuvenation so that you can be sure your baby is getting what he or she needs.
• What this means for your family is health, happiness, and freedom from exhaustion!
We offer the most personalized support in the Houston and Dallas Forth Worth areas. Teaching your baby to sleep well is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and your baby!

Comparison of Our Most Popular Packages

Bedtime Support is also available for $798 and includes in-home assistance until 8:30 p.m.

* Voxar is a super user-friendly walkie talkie / voice messaging app. This allows me to be most easily accessible to you despite work and nap schedules. The app is easy to use as a family. We can add you, dad, other caregivers, and myself to the same group message to be sure we are all on the same page during our time together. 



Schedule your complimentary 15-minute Discovery Call so we can discuss your baby’s specific sleep challenges and walk through how I can help.


We will use our time together on our Discover Call to make sure we’re the perfect fit before you commit. We’ll also discuss which Sleep Training Baby Sleep Package best fits your family’s needs.


Then we will get started! If you decide to work with me, I’ll tell you the exact steps for getting started. If you decide not to work with me or if we aren’t the perfect fit, I’m happy to share other resources to help you get what you need.