“Our daughter was my wife’s inspiration in becoming a sleep consultant! At 6 months, she was waking up over 6 times per night and was consistently grouchy throughout the day. We were tired and wearing thin. We researched different books and blogs, and eventually my wife decided to train my daughter using the sleep sense method!
After the 2 week period, my daughter was only waking up once for her night time feeding. For us, that was a miracle! After a month, our pediatrician was finally ok with us training her to sleep through the night. It has been such a game changer in all of our lives! She is now 18 months old and you can tell a big difference in daytime mood and attentiveness. Our daughter has given us the passion to help others and we truly believe that every child can benefit from this!”

-Zeke Medina

-Zeke M, Father of 6 month old