“Kaley is basically a magical unicorn who saved the sanity of my entire family. My son, for 3 YEARS, wanted to stay up until crazy hours, would never go to sleep consistently, had to be nursed to sleep, and would wake up multiple times a night and insist on nursing. I was beyond exhausted. Kaley gave us a solid plan that was easy to stick to and gentle for all parties. In a little over a week he is a completely different child. We do his bedtime routine, tuck him in, say goodnight, and walk out of the room. He goes to sleep with no fuss and stays that way for 12 hours. If he does wake up, he goes back down quickly either on his own or with my husband’s help. He goes to bed at 8, so my husband and I actually have time at night to hang out in peace. And as an added bonus, my toddler now sweetly sits in my lap and lets me read him bedtime stories, which definitely never happened before. We couldn’t be more grateful for Kaley’s help! It is so, so worth every cent.”

-Tiffany D, Mother of a 3 year old