We have helped 100’s of families help their babies sleep through the night. And now adults will have some one to help them solve their sleep. Introducing Dr. Zeke Medina, Certified Adult Sleep Consultant.


About Zeke Medina


I am the adult sleep consultant here at Live Love Sleep. If you would like to know more about me, scroll below to read my full bio.

If you are interested in chatting about your sleep and just want to see if working with me makes sense, schedule a call!

Adult Sleep Consultant

Hi there! 

I’m Zeke Medina and I’m an adult sleep coach. If you have been struggling with sleep, you have come to the right place. I have a Doctorate in Pharmacy and have been working with patients in healthcare for over 10 years. My skills have always been focused on transforming bad, unhealthy habits to healthier habits. Whether it be medication adherence training or implementing life changing habits, I have been working to build a healthier life for all clients. In the process, I have helped clients start their healthy lifestyle by implementing high quality healthy sleep habits. This has allowed them to excel in their daily lives like school, work and their social setting. 

Healthy sleep is vital for our immune system and cardiovascular and mental health. Whether you are looking to start a new diet or make healthier lifestyle changes, you need to ask yourself 

How well do I sleep? 

Research has shown that sleeping less than 6 hours most nights can sabotage your diet efforts, drastically reduce the bodies ability to recover from exercise, and decrease muscle mass. This is why fixing your sleep is so important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  

Sleep deprivation, when left unchecked, can cause real serious health issues over time. Research has shown, these health issues typically lead to heart disease, diabetes, metabolic disease, various forms of mental health disease and even cancer. Every year, sleep scientists are discovering other areas of the body that are negatively impacted by sleep deprivation. Therefore confirming the claims of listed above. 

My sleep issues with insomnia  

I have always had a passion for sleep! Or at least discovering the way to attain sleep. Like so many of us, I grew up with no sleep structure. I struggled getting to sleep and staying asleep for almost 15 years. I thought sleeping pills were the solution but quickly found out that they offered too many short and long-term side effects that I did not want to live with. Falling asleep and staying asleep was never easy for me. And yet my children were able to be sleep trained!   

In an effort to come off sleeping pills, induce sleep naturally and maintain sleep throughout the night, I had to do a lot of homework. I read multiple books on sleep, sleeping programs, and journal articles on sleep techniques that were proven to help with sleep. It took me months to fix my sleep issues but I was able to completely come off of sleep medication. I  was also able to fall asleep within 15 to 30 minutes most nights and waking up during the middle of the night was not a big deal anymore. I was refreshed, I had more energy, and I started to notice a lot of positive changes in my life. 

What type of changes you might ask:  

  1. For starters, I did not have to go on blood pressure medications. I was starting to become borderline hypertensive even while taking sleeping pills. This was not good!
  2. My energy level improved in the morning and coffee isn’t needed first thing. 
  3. I don’t recall the last time I have been sick for longer than a day.
  4. Work is more enjoyable and weekend mornings with the kids are jammed pack with wrestling and trips to the farmer’s market. 

Sleep Coach for Adults 

Once I heard about a program that taught adults how to solve their sleep issues I knew I had to become certified. With the certification from Solve Your Sleep ®, I am able to help fix my clients sleep issues in weeks instead of months.  For some clients, I have had results within the first week. With an Adult Sleep Program, it simply allows me to take the frustration of guessing which technique to use. I will warn you, no 2 adults will have the same sleep program. I customize your sleep plan based on the detailed questionnaire and food log that I send before working together. And, yes, we follow up weekly and sometimes more when you needed.  

Can you sleep train on your own and, if so, why do we need an Adult Sleep Consultant?

Now let’s rewind. Most of us today know how to use a computer to research sleep hygiene or read blog articles on how to get better sleep. As a trained professional, I was determined to find out what worked for me. It took me MONTHS on my own because I tried everything without feedback on how each technique was doing. There were times I got frustrated and wanted to quit but I stayed focused and eventually got there.  

My program consists of changing bad sleep habits into better sleep habits that will allow you to drift into high quality sleep. 

The goal is to make small changes throughout the program to induce a big change. This big change is better sleep that leads to huge daytime benefits!

So, are you ready to get started? 

Let’s get on a Complementary Discovery Call!

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